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There’s a chance Norman shadows Sammy Watkins in Week 2, which could limit Goff’s upside a bit. But we’re talking about streamers here, you know, guys who might finish top-12 or top-15. So we’re not seeking out a crazy total.Cheap Jerseys.The Rams have supplied their quarterback with solid weapons including rookie Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods and of course running back Todd Gurley who each saw at least five targets from Goff in Week 1.Discount Jerseys.The second-year signal caller was less aggressive with his throws against the Colts throwing just 10.3 percent of his passes into what NextGenStats considers a tight window, compared to Goff’s 23.4 percent rate in his rookie year.

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Cincinnati had won six of the previous seven against the Ravens, and Baltimore (the city and the team) truly hated that kind of failure against a division foe.Cheap NFL Jerseys.The Ravens took a rare rich foray into free agency this offseason, signing safety Tony Jefferson, who plays like he has anvils in his shoulder pads, and adding some young speed to the defense in the draft and signing nosetackle Brandon Williams long-term. And back came Terrell Suggs for his 15th year, looking rejuvenated in training camp because he wasn’t rehabbing an injury; he could work out to get stronger and more limber. On Sunday, Baltimore won a 20-0 shutout, holding the Bengals to 221 yards and forcing five turnovers, and afterward Suggs had a veteran’s perspective on the victory. “We were okay,” Suggs told me from Cincinnati. “We could have been a lot better today. We’re gonna enjoy it, but we have a lot of improvement to make.Youth Football Jerseys.We’re just like every team who won one game. It’s one game.” But I could tell Suggs was excited about the potential of the defense, and about Jefferson, who led the Ravens with nine tackles and had a sack. “In the middle of the game today,” Suggs said, “I said to him, ‘You had a great career at Arizona, but you were meant to be a Raven.’”

Cohen came into this fall billed as a suitable complement to workhorse back Jordan Howard. If his Week 1 usage is a sign of things to come, the 5-foot-6 playmaker will take on a featured role in Chicago’s offense.Wholesale Jerseys. And with wide receiver Kevin White likely done for the season with a broken collarbone, the team is going to need him.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Cohen tallied 12 targets against Atlanta—twice as many as any other Bears pass catcher.

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