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There would be no fourth-quarter comeback this time. The Lions wouldn’t get even close.Discount Jerseys. And after the way Detroit played during a 17-6 loss to the New York Giants where the Lions never led, it wasn’t surprising at all. Nothing appeared to be in sync for the Lions. Their five-game winning streak? Over. Their push for the playoffs? Much less secure after the Lions failed to score a touchdown in a game for the first time since Week 12 of the 2014 season against New England.And after a Detroit loss where the Lions will be able to pull very few positives, there has to be greater concern, too.NBA Jerseys China.That once seemingly comfortable playoff cushion for the Lions is starting to evaporate.The Lions couldn’t move the ball on offense even after New York lost its top cornerback, Janoris Jenkins, to a back injury in the first half. It ran with way too much predictability even though the team’s starting running back Theo Riddick was inactive for the game and Ameer Abdullah remains on injured reserve.NFL Jerseys Cheap. Yes, Stafford played with an injured right middle finger, but he still showed he could throw the ball. And the Lions tried to exploit New York in the first half, testing the Giants cornerbacks downfield.Wholesale Jerseys. Those passes were there — even when they didn’t connect.

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Yet in the second half, the Lions went away from the deep ball until they absolutely had to, favoring their short passing game even in situations when Detroit needed bigger gains and sticking with a run that averaged 2.9 yards per carry with starting running back Dwayne Washington gaining 2.2 yards per rush.NFL Wholesale Jerseys.”In that particular ballgame, we have to try to manufacture a run and try to get some yards here and there,” Lions coach Jim Caldwell said. “I don’t think you can be too patient in that situation, particularly with a team that can rush the passer. We were hoping to find a few more cracks, but we didn’t quite get as many as we would’ve liked.Discount Jerseys.”It led to no offensive touchdowns, poor third-down efficiency and some questions about Detroit’s offense that had lingered all season but largely masked by Stafford’s fourth-quarter comebacks.This Giants defense was too good to let that happen, though, and it showed.The Lions committed two turnovers Sunday — one in the fourth quarter in the end zone and one in the first half in the red zone — and those were critical in a game where Detroit struggled to score.NFL Jerseys China. The Lions got three points from three red zone trips and were 5 of 14 on third down, two areas helping to explain Detroit’s loss.

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