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It’s a late-December tradition on par with crowded malls, feigned excitement about presents you already have and a soon-to-be unrealized expectation that this New Year’s Eve might not be horrible: NFL fans and analysts declaring that certain teams have packed it in for the season and will roll over in Week 16 or 17 games, allowing opponents with playoff hopes to steamroll them en route to a victory that’s long been guaranteed.Wholesale NFL Jerseys. Under this theory: The reeling, eliminated Chargers won’t put up a fight this Sunday as Kansas City tries to improve its playoff seed, Cleveland will do the same against Pittsburgh and then the Giants, because they’re expected to rest some of their starters, will be easy pickings for a Redskins team in a win-and-in scenario.It’s all nonsense — understandable nonsense, but nonsense nonetheless. The beliefs are NFL fans projecting rational thought (why would San Diego possibly play hard when they can get a better draft pick with a loss?!) onto teams that have no such feelings.Team don’t quit because teams are comprised of players in a league so ruthless that they’re constantly having to prove themselves in order to stay on a roster for the next game, the next game after that and the next game beyond that.Cheap Authentic Jerseys China. For much of the NFL, football is week-to-week work.

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Kickstart Cam Newton 2.0: While Sean McDermott’s defense steadily improved throughout the season, Newton’s offense clearly regressed. Cheap Football Jerseys.His 45.3 completion rate since Week 11 is the third-lowest by any quarterback in a six-game span since at least 1991, per NFL Research. Those struggles can be partially attributed to the injury-ravaged offensive line and unreliable wide receivers — particularly Kelvin Benjamin’s inability to separate from coverage. Still, Newton shoulders blame for poor mechanics and the resultant scattershot ball placement.Discount NFL Jerseys.Coach Ron Rivera envisions the offense evolving around Newton as he becomes a “different style of player.” The transformation will be toward a more disciplined pocket passer and away from a heavy dose of designed QB runs. Steelers franchise quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was tasked with a similar conversion four years ago, as the organization asked him to become “more of a cerebral player and not just a physical wonder.”Football Jerseys Cheap. Similarly, the Panthers will focus more on quick passes, sprint-outs and rollouts to take advantage of Newton’s athleticism and strong arm while keeping him out of harm’s way and allowing him to build confidence with easier completions.”We want him to last 10 more years,” Rivera explained this week. “We have to find ways to change. We have to find ways to protect him and for him to protect himself. Part of his evolution is learning how to survive.”

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