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Cheap Authentic Jerseys Sale.There’s plenty for the Chiefs to be concerned about in this matchup. They were dominated by the Steelers in October in Pittsburgh, and that was at a time when the Steelers weren’t otherwise rolling. They are now, having won eight straight, including last week’s playoff game against the Dolphins. On defense, the Chiefs will put up a better fight than they did the last time.Cheap Jerseys China. Inexplicable coverage breakdowns led to a couple of long Steelers pass plays.The bigger concern for the Chiefs is on offense, where they went long stretches during the regular season with little production. The Chiefs were in the midst of one of those stretches when they went to Pittsburgh earlier in the season, and they were shut out for the first three quarters. The variety of different fronts and blitzes employed by the Steelers gave the Chiefs plenty of problems. But the Chiefs are playing better on offense of late. Their best back-to-back offensive games of the season came in their last two.Cheap Football Jerseys Sale.


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