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That’s why these players — young and old — never quit and, by extension, their teams don’t either. Once the offseason begins in four days, everything a player does throughout the year is cut into film by video assistants all around the league, tape that’s soon watched by NFL general managers and coaches who are looking at who to cut, who to keep, who to pursue and who might be that proverbial diamond in the rough — the player another team didn’t appreciate and can star for you. NFL Jerseys Cheap.These players have allegiances to themselves, not the team that can cut them whenever they want thanks to the worst labor agreement in sports. They need to play hard or else their butts are competing for practice-squad spots or trying to convince the Alouettes that they can help them win a Grey Cup.It’s a delicate balance in football, the ultimate team game that relies on cohesive 11-man units all working within a system toward a common goal. Discount NFL Jerseys  .Though you’re looking out for No. 1, doing so means looking out for Nos. 2-11 too. You can’t succeed outside the framework of the team. Freelancing does nobody any good.Thus there’s far too much on the line for individuals to quit in Weeks 15, 16 or 17 because they’re tired after a long year, want a coach fired or to help the team get a better draft pick the following year. Why? Play poorly and you won’t be around to enjoy the fruits of your deficiencies.

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