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Most Evil Characters In Star Wars

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One of the heroes of the Rebel Alliance and the Resistance as well as being a credit to his species Chewbacca is one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars Universe. Because Thrawn elected to serve the Empire however his entire personality is cast into a different light.

Star Wars Villians Star Wars Villains Star Wars Villain

Good to EvilStar Wars.

Most evil characters in star wars. Most evil characters in Star Wars. Id argue that a rather obscure and unimportant character Dezono Qua was the most evil person in the history of Star Wars. Here are 10 Of The Most Evil Star Wars villains To Ever Exist 1.

They need to canonize her like they did Thrawn imo. The multiple novels about this Chiss warrior demonstrate his cold and calculating personality and his desire to rise up the ranks of the Empire. The first Star Wars spin-off had more new characters than you could shake Chirrut Îmwes stick at.

Rosamund Pike brilliantly brought to life one of the most messed up characters ever written – Amy Dunne. Good to EvilBefore the dark times before the Empire. Good vs evil dark vs.

Darth Nihilus must kill to constantly satisfy his hunger for Force Energy. Dezono Qua was an extraordinarily wealthy inhabitant of the planet Esseles. And If were talking evil Star Wars characters then theres no one eviler than the Emperor himself.

Who is the most evil character in Star Wars. Knights of the Old RepublicLike Exar Kun much of Revans story is currently considered Star Wars Legends but Revan has at least been mentioned in Star Wars canonRevan and their apprentice Darth Malak were Jedi who disappeared after the Mandalorian Wars only to return with immense power and their sites set. Actually if he had served for the rebellion he may very well be known as one of the most complex and fascinating heroes in all of Star Wars lore.

That is to stay alive Darth Nihilus must constantly absorb the Force Energy of those around him. Palpatine 71 votes 807 Darth Vader 3 votes 34 Kylo Ren 2 votes 23 Count Dooku 0 votes 00. When it comes to the prequel trilogy though there were many problems with one of the.

Most people would say Palpatine was the most evil but I give my vote to Jabba. No doubt one of the most iconic film franch. Of all the female characters in Star Wars Legends Mara Jade who was introduced in Timothy Zahns Thrawn Trilogy is undoubtedly the most popular.

He is depicted as a large slug-like alien. Captivating audiences with an intergalactic battle that rages for generations. Darth Revan is the protagonist of Star Wars.

The Phantom Menace the Zabrak chills us to the bone with his soft-spoken ways and deadly skill with a lightsaberOver time Maul proves no evil to be above his undertaking from the outright murder of Qui-Gon Jinn on Naboo to the stranglehold on the galaxys crime syndicated during the Clone Wars. But poking his head above the crowd. A merciless and sadistic psychopath Tolruck could be described as the Star Wars universes Ramsay Bolton and its most evil Moff Scale of Evil Grading.

Light and so on. First beheld as Darth Sidiouss apprentice in Star Wars. The God father crossed with carmine Falcone times ten He is my favourite slug.

This is probably gonna be one of my last posts but before I call it. Anyways Kreia was one of the best villains in all of Star Wars folklore and the fact that she managed to be despite being in an otherwise mediocre. Subscribe to WickedBinge httpsbitly34Y6msTStar Wars Prequels Characters.

Possibly one of the greatest sags of Good vs. Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. The Grand Admiral is one of the most sociopathic and intelligent characters ever featured in the Star Wars franchise.

Darth Nihilus A little different than other Sith Lords Darth Nihilus does not kill for power. Ive always wondered who others would put as the top 10 most evil characters in Star Wars. A Star Wars Story have inspired devotion passion and extreme.

And it all started with the original trilogy. Grand Admiral Thrawn is a deceivingly evil character. He was a slave labor advocate and practitioner and was happy to kill and sell Wookiees for meat.

Whether theyre evil heroic or somewhere in between were looking at you Lando the characters from A New Hope to Solo. The fact she had the gall to keep sticking around as a living example of Idiots Guide to Star Wars in so many situations now thats EVIL. Saga Most Evil Star Wars Character.

So wealthy that he could afford to purchase slaves quite often. Her actions leave you horrified and youre confused whether. Best slug in the films.

Discussion in Star Wars Saga In-Depth started by Darth Buzz Jul 24 2019. Too bad hes on the Empires side. 6 Jabba the Hutt Jabba the Hutt is a character appearing in George Lucass space opera film saga Star Wars.

We all know Star Wars is a world of black and white. Subscribe to WickedBinge httpsbitly34Y6msTStar Wars Original Trilogy Characters. Trained as the Emperors Hand her final.

Evil of all time. In most cases in movies practical effects simply look better than CGI especially in regards to specific humanoid characters who appear on screen for whatever length of time that fact is a big reason why people loved the original Star Wars trilogy so much. Tolruck exhibited Game of Thrones-level sadism.

No doubt one of the most iconic film franchises in history.

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