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Star Wars Fanfiction Obi Wan Youngling

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The hyperdrive beeped three times signaling that the ship was about to drop out of hyperspace in five minutes. Well at least he was supposed to be dead.

Life Long Promises Ribbons Obi Wan Kenobi Fanfiction

Vader killed Dooku at the end of the Clone Wars and became the new apprentice to Darth Sidious.

Star wars fanfiction obi wan youngling. They form an uneasy truce to leave the other alone. The youngest at age two hid. The Eloquent Youngling a star wars fanfic FanFiction.

Yoda emerged from behind the waterfall. Master Yoda did you Sensed it too I did Yoda answered. Adventure Jedi Star Wars Fanfic Oc Original Character.

However looking at the man before. He had fair skin and shortly before his death red cheeks. Obi-Wan stared at the small boy whose face was hidden against his knees.

A fearful but desperate sensation had pressed itself onto his consciousness. This could be good but then again it could be bad Slowly he walked in to where Obi-Wan and Yoda were waiting. Master prankster Master of All and the Second Rikudou Sennin.

Obi-Wan cried dashing forward as Dooku blasted Anakin with Force lightning and sent him flying into the wall. Through a series of events involving the end of The Empire she finds herself raising a powerful youngling who resembles the late Jedi Master Yoda as her own. No trap do I sense Obi-Wan followed Yoda as they hurried upward to.

Mae-Lin is a young woman who is force sensitive and trained to use The Force but is by no means a Jedi. Obi-Wan snatched the gimer stick and raised it happily above his head. She hid behind Master Yodas chair.

This series draws from both Legends and Disney Canon using both to great effect. He also heard him say something about them being Anakins By the Force. His two counterparts one a Mon Calamari female and the same age as he was named Bant.

The battle raged on. But he could feel his presence his force signature he was right here in this very room. Anakin Skywalker had children.

This did not escape your Jedi mind for you were able to switch it out with nearby patrons. However he stopped upon hearing Obi-Wan. Behold the work of divine intervention.

Obi-wan obiwan starwars anakin obiwankenobi anakinskywalker jedi ahsoka skywalker padme kenobi clonewars yoda sith starwarstheclonewars starwarsfanfiction padmeamidala wars star ahsokatano darthvader 12K Stories. His homeworld was Stewjon and Obi-Wan had vague pleasant memories of. After that the Republic was turned into the Empire and the Jedi were killed.

An Epic-length fanfic series revolving around an Obi-Wan who time-travelled from four years post ROTS to the Jedi Apprentice days and took his younger self as his padawan. Qui-Gon scowled at his lightsaber wondering if he should chance a few extra minutes to dig out the last of the fish guts still trapped inside the cracks in the handle. Anakin may have been chosen by the Force but a new player has been chosen by a carefree god.

The Clones were turning on the Jedi. The aforementioned sandy haired youngling was Obi-Wan Kenobi who was still an iniate at a whopping 5 years old. Before Dooku had a chance to recover Obi-Wan skidded to a halt at his side before slowly calming himself and moving in a more measured and defensive manner.

Prologue Naruto Uzumaki is dead. Not quite able to speak he tapped the boys shoulder watching as the small face turned up to meet his. Anakin belly-laughed before rising up off the couch with Obi-wan attached to his hip.

He receives a surprise offer which will hopefully allow him to end the Clone Wars and save the galaxy except it means allying with Count Dooku who has his own agenda. Yes you dont know that yet but you trained me before after my first Master Obi Wan was killed by the new Sith Lord. I hope you were already aware of my arrival master.

Jedi Knight Padmé Amidala the Heroine with No Fear has crash landed on a moon after a starship fight with Darth Vader. Obi-Wan moves fast lunging at Vader with his weapon but the Dark Lord blocks the attack with ease. Anakin was confused as to why a youngling was here.

A youngling Obi-wan seemed surprised when a padawan walked out. A commercial soon played about vacationing in Naboo then Obi-wan blurted out Swim. The Younglings hid in the council room.

Obi-Wan handed the gimer stick back to the ancient master with a deep bow. People were being killed. Obi-Wan jerked his head up from its sorrowful bow.

Uh who are you supposed to be The young padawan bowed his head to the two masters. Obi-Wan Kenobi was born thirty-five years before the Clone Wars the first son of a moderately wealthy family and was taken to Coruscant to begin his Jedi training shortly thereafter. Shed lost a lot of blood and he wasnt so sure about her condition now.

He used the Force to pluck Obi-Wan from the top of the waterfall and deposit him back on the ground. Now the two enemies are stuck on a strange moon with strange rocks that prevents them from accessing the Force. The longer he took to get to the infirmary the less chance Ahsoka would have of surviving.

From the Council Chamber it came. Darsant Avat Chapter 1. Hoping to be safe.

With only her name to remember she trains under a man named Obi-Wan Kenobiafter she. The Jedi didnt even know it was possible for younglings to have such power at this age though Anakin wasnt strictly a youngling. Your powers are weak old man Vader said.

All of the other younglings cheered. After Obi-Wans supposed death Anakin is devastated. He was trusting of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker looking to the older individual to guide the younglings against the clone trooper threat.

Kitch listened intently to Obi-Wan as he told the Senator that she had twins. It took Obi-Wan nearly a full minute for him to speak. A horrible accident causes a young girl to wake up with her appearance completely different and in the middle of a war.

My name is Artis Lendix it is an honor to meet you Artis stood back up as he looked at Obi-wan. Hondo insisted on a drink to celebrate your victory and yet he drugged the alcohol. Order 66 a star wars fanfic FanFiction.

With no anchor and minimal control Anakin is left vulnerable to the Dark Side. Fanfiction Fanfiction Starwars Din Djarin D Malin pronounced. She was fighting to stay conscious in his arms and was struggling with the pain and loss of blood.

The youngling was a human male child with blond hair and blue eyes. Anakin was lightly scratching Obi-wans scalp while Obi-wan was sucking his thumb watching a kids show on the Holo-TV. There is a loud electric crackle as their lightsabers makes contact.

You saw Obi-Wan in shackles even after you wished for him to make a successful escape. Undeterred Obi-Wan makes a swift series of strikes but each is parry by Vader. The other a human boy just like Obi-Wan had darker hair and eyes and was older by a.

Obi-Wan stared past the small boy crouching on his chest and at the twenty or so droids scattered around the floor like toys left behind by a child called away from play time.

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