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Star Wars Force Unleashed How To Beat Kazdan

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Paratus put these amalgamations of junk to protect the Temple he created on Raxus Prime especially from the Rodian scavengers. 3Fighting Kazdan Paratus on Sith Master Difficulty.

Boss Guide Star Wars The Force Unleashed Guide And Walkthrough

Instructions 1 As soon as Kazdan Paratus touches the ground quickly start hitting the Force Lightning button which is typically the.

Star wars force unleashed how to beat kazdan. Having difficulty beating the 3rd boss Kazdan Paratus of Force Unleashed. The Force Unleashed. Kinda annoying boss fight at bestforce lightning is the key hereyou will also get into beam struggle mode with the lightning with kazdan.

Use a combination of Force Push and Force Repulse to quickly knock em down then go in for the kill. Blocking Force powers is as simple as holding the block button. The death of Kazdan Paratus.

If you have bought Dashing Shock or Lightning Bomb use those too. I have never EVER had problems with Kazdan but I am seriously just over this game right now. Seriously this is hands down the worst boss I have faced in all my years of gaming.

Some time ago on Xbox 360 I actually beat him on Sith Master. As far as i can tell you cannot win against him in lighsabre fight you have to electrify him. 2 After you have hit him with Force Lightning run up to him and knock him off the platform by using the Force Push.

This stage plays out a lot like stage 1 only his saber blocks are even worse. 1 Use Force Lightning on him every chance you get. The Force Unleashed.

This is an extension of stage 2. Different types of junk golems created by Paratus included Scrap Guardians Scrap Scavengers Scrap drones Junk. The Force was the only thing keeping them together.

Junk Titans were bits and pieces of trash held together by Kazdan Paratus Force powers. Whenever Kazdan goes down either A Ground Stab him if hes near you B Grip him if hes far. I finally beat him but with sheer luck.

They were part of Paratus private army of junk golems. Playing it again it seems impossible on Sith Master difficulty. After his health goes down a ways hell jump off the center platform onto the platform in the back of the room.

Dont worry Shaak Ti is much easier than Kazdan Paratus. I highly recommend watching the other videos from this guide if you need them as it shows how to beat bosses very easily. X B B X X X.

Just a tip for her. If you need to take a breather retreat back into the hall you just came from. Its distinctive head was from a Vulture droid and it made use of a.

3 If you are unable to knock Kazdan. On Sith Master it feels like its purely up to RNG and with a 00001 chance of succeeding as he absolutely spams Force Push which often two-shotted me. 2 While he is stunned pick him up with Force Grip press Y to turn him into a Lightning Grenade and throw him off the side.

If theres an exploit I sure would like to know. Basically all you need to do is Force Lightning him by only hitting Y as soon as hes on the ground. The massive Junk Titan was animated by the Force and was far larger than the Junk behemoths.

Skip her along the ground so she hits every mine. Is there a secret pattern i miss which makes the bossfight super easy. The last time i played a bossfight this unfair and difficult it Castlevania Lords of Shadow in the DLC.

Starkiller faced at least four of these on Raxus Prime before confronting Paratus himself. Maybe I can help. The junk golems also referred to as technobeasts were junk droids used by Kazdan Paratus.

I barely managed to defeat the bastard on the second highest difficulty by exploiting every KI mistake. Then run up and Force Push him a bunch of times really quick knocking him off the platform. Paratus took me 2 12 hours I didnt have the XYY combo my bad and Shaak Ti took me 45 minutes.

After you stun with. Force Grip works on her when shes stunned. How To Beat Him.

When you get a grip. The only real thing that works is lightning which for some reason on Sith Lord a level 3 blast for my entire force bar takes like 130th of his health. The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question.

Force grab is useless and push is also a joke. Spam Sith Saber Slam and watch when he picks you up. The apprentice used the Force to push the creature knocking it off one of its legs through the walls of the Temple following it and finally bringing it down in a junk version of the High Council Chamber of the Jedi Temple with junk effigies of the late or missing Council members.

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