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Star Wars Galaxy Deep Core

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Ad Looking for Official Star Wars Merchandise. Of the Otherspace galaxys six hundred million stars none were located within the Dark Core.

Star Wars Galaxy Map The Inner Rim Star Wars Facts Star Wars Planets Star Wars Rpg

The Dark Core was believed to have been the oldest region of Otherspace and as far as stellar-matter celestial bodies were concerned.

Star wars galaxy deep core. Look No Further Shop Now. Obviously a couple of other empires inhabit this region of space such as the Kuat Aristocracy or the Ahto High Council. 161 rows According to the updated Visual Dictionary series made by Pablo Hidalgo for the.

The Galaxys Great Expanse. Deep Core At the very heart of the galaxy the Deep Core also known as the Core Systems was a region that spanned seven thousand light years and contained roughly 30 billion stars. From Empress Teta and the secret fortress World of Byss to the Megador dreadnought Eclipse Super Star Destroyer and the black fleet we cover the secrets.

A section on Sith Space discusses various locations of importance to the dark side while a list of forgotten Jedi. Travel from the Deep Core to the Outer Rim Territories and discover the wonders of. The Essential Atlas by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry.

RESOURCE TO THE WORLDS OF THE STAR WARS GALAXY. From the sun-baked deserts of Tatooine to the frost-bitten snowscape of Hoth to the misty swamps of Dagobah heres your expert guide to the hundred most fascinating worlds of the extraordinary Star Wars universe. The Deep Core was a region of the galaxy with worlds that were said to have been very well hidden.

So in a Star Wars Comic Leia and Luke have this conversation. Inside the Inner Rim Deep Core you can find the core members of the future Galactic Republic. The standard Star Wars galaxy map is divided into several sectors sweeping out from the Galactic Core which is the birthplace of galactic civilization.

When Terrestas galaxy was destroyed by a runaway blackhole. As this point fans already know quite a bit about the Star Wars galaxy though some mysteries still remain. Most travel and trade takes place via specific hyperspace lanes – preprogrammed routes where there are no gravitic anomalies to drag a ship out of hyperspace.

She has as FTL travel is common in Star Wars as is FTL communication. Terresta Crystals also known as black crystals or dark core crystals were exceedingly rare lightsaber crystals that when added to a lightsaber gave the core of the blade a black color instead of white. Born by Grand Admiral Thrawn with the objective to defend the galaxy from the various.

People living in the Star Wars Galaxy can look into the past. The Deep Core sometimes referred to as the Core of the Galaxy was a brightly lit region of the galaxy that lay at its very heart. Leia can still see Alderaan because the light of the Explosion has not yet travelled to her current place.

WEG40001 – Star Wars D6 – Core Rulebook 1st ed 15-Mar-2017 1145 73M WEG40002 – Star Wars D6 – The Star Wars Sourceb 15-Mar-2017 1145 97M WEG40004 – Star Wars D6 – Campaign Packpdf 15-Mar-2017 1145 43M WEG40005 – Star Wars D6 – Tatooine Manhuntpdf 15-Mar-2017 1145 31M WEG40006 – Star Wars D6 – Imperial Sourcebookpdf 15-Mar-2017 1145 73M WEG40008 – Star Wars D6 – Death Star. To get a better view of the map click the image to enlarge. It even included a placement for Naboo which would feature in the then-upcoming new movie Star Wars.

The area has ten regions beginning with the Deep Core and ending with the Outer Rim where Batuu and other planets are located. Both of them are a bit special but more on that in later diaries. The map provided a top-down view of the Star Wars galaxy with concentric rings indicating the various regions from Deep Core to Outer Rim.

Due to the gravitational pull of the vast number of stars as well as a massive black hole at the center local space-time was severely warped making hyperspace travel difficult at best. Many of these worlds belonged to the Trade Federation shipping cartel. Deep Core at Wookieepedia the Star Wars Wiki.

The Deep Core was home to some thirty billion of the galaxys oldest stars and at its center was a massive black hole surrounded by antimatter and dense clusters where stars were only a hundredth of a light year. The Deep Core also known as the Deep Galactic Core was a small region in the galaxy about seven thousand light-years across that hid unusual worlds. The Dark Core was a relatively small galactic region of the Otherspace galaxy and was the only known region that was entirely made up of dark space.

Despite the presence of important city-worlds such as Troithe and Empress Teta 3 2 much of the Deep Core was a thinly populated 6 and densely packed mass of stars and planets dangerous to navigate and largely left alone by galactic explorers. Ad Find Deals on Products in Action Figures on Amazon. Dec 12 2012 – The Empire of the Hand also referred to as The Hand or just the Empire was an autocratic confederation located in the galaxys Wild Space that held a considerable of holdings across the Unknown Regions.

The Core Rulebook provides Game Masters extensive and rich information about the Star Wars galaxy from its bright and mysterious deep core to the great trans-galactic hyperlanes and the wildernesses of the Outer Rim. Age of Rebellion allows players to take the fight to the Galactic Empire as members. In Legends the Deep Core was home to many strange planets that were generally unexplored due to how difficult it was for ships to navigate through the region which was riddled with clusters of.

Map illustrator Modi has charted the sectors of the Expansion Region mapping out the boundaries within this section of space. These gems were mined from deep within the planet Terresta which existed outside of the known galaxy. There are also hundreds of sectors within the regions of the galaxy further complicating things.

The Core Rulebook for Edge of the Empire allows players to create characters with checkered pasts and deep obligations and it invites them to experience the thrills and adventures of life on the outskirts and the fringes of the Star Wars galaxy.

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