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Star Wars Pun Cat Names

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Jedi For cats that can learn and master the training very fast especially their names. Chewie For cats that are warriors.

Cat Sport Meme In 2021 Cat Puns Cats Cat Jokes

Paw McCatney You can go for double puns with this play on the name Paul McCartney.

Star wars pun cat names. Paw Revere A punny version of the famous Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere. A car that can go underwater is a Scuba-ru. Ben Jerry great for a set of siblings Bilbo The Hobbit Buffy The Mouse Slayer.

One of the most despised characters in the Star Wars universe but he has a pretty cute name. 100 Harry Potter Cat Names for Your Magical Feline. Welcome to the Punpedia entry on Star Wars puns.

While there are more than 3500 pets named Chewy and 330 cats named Luke wed venture to guess very few dogs share the pun-tastic names Jabba the Mutt or. Sabretooth For cats that scratch too much. From real actors to fictional characters these fun or pun cat names could be pawfect for the feline in your life.

Luke Skywalpurr the best name if you want to make your kitty popular among your friends. July 13 2020 by Whiskers to Tails Petsitting Tags. Admiral A title for.

Chew-Paw-Cca for the cat with long fur. Ackbar For the love of the military commander. Maul full name Darth Maul.

Chopper For cats thats are quick and light when jumping. A line of trucks is also known as a pick-up line. Catrick Swayze is a good pun name for your cat that is like Patrick Swayze.

Jar Jar full name Jar Jar Binks. Ahsoka Aika Alecia Amidala Amilyn Aphra Avar Bariss Beru Bo-Katan Breha Carrie Casca Cara Cere Cassian Celestina Chelli Lona Cordé Depa Eisley Endor Faro Hera Gar Greer Iden Jannah Jobal Jocasta Junda Jyn Karyn Ketsu Lady Wesley Star Leia Letta Lucka Luna Lyra Maia Mara Maze Moff Mina Morgan Neddy. A Gungan from the planet Naboo.

The Best Star Wars Puns Jokes Wordplay in the Universe. Admiral Catbar for a bossy and dominant cat. 40 funniest name jokes.

Star wars dog names puns star wars cat names puns star wars chicken names puns funny star wars name puns star wars character name puns star wars food name puns. Historical people pet names literary pet names pet adoption pet names pet puns punny cat names punny dog names punny pet names puns. The only thing worse than it raining cats and dogs is hailing taxis.

Ravenpaw Ravenclaw Hufflepurr Hufflepuff Cho Fang Cho Chang Pawdma Patil Padma Patil Parvati Petil Parvati Patil Poppy Pawmfrey Poppy Pomfrey RELATED. September 2 2020 August 5 2020 by Debbi Shibuya FYI – this post may affiliate links which means we earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase from them. Captain Purrcard if your favorite is featured with strength this name will fit it.

Its much loved for the imaginative world it portrays with strong interesting characters and the classic struggle of heroes and dark forces. Im going to get a new cat in January and I need a good female star wars pun name for a girl. I know this is kinda random but recently my husband managed to finally turn my into a huge star wars nerd And holy crap have I been missing out.

Star Wars is a huge media franchise comprised of movies comics novels games and TV series. 30 Classic Star Wars Lines That Will Make Any Fan Laugh. Kitty Purry this singer has one of the best cat pun names for a kitty who loves to make mew-sic.

Catzilla is a pun name for your kitty which relates to the movie Godzilla. I already know if the cats. A Jeep car is all I can af-Ford.

A cats favorite car is a Fur-rari. Casper a hilarious fit for white kitties Cat Lagerfeld. A Star Wars fans favorite car brand is To-Yoda.

A Sith Lord and apprentice of Darth Sidious Maul was defeated by Obi-Wan in a lightsaber duel. We hope you enjoyed this purr-fect list of pet name puns. Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts to provide social media features and to analyse web traffic.

Furrnado Cortez The famous explorer makes for a nice punny cat name. Apri cat apricot boy catt boycott cat tage cottage di cat omy dichotomy psy cat ic psychotic ar cat ecture Connecticat catlery cutlery biscats biscuits mar-cat-place ar-cat-ype archetype. Cat Damon is a perfect name if your kitty is as energetic as famous actor Matt Damon.

Billy Bobtail Thornton Billy Bob Thornton Cat LeBlanc Matt LeBlanc Catman Batman Catnip Everdeen Katniss Everdeen The Hunger Games Christofur Reeve Christopher Reeve. If you want to be even punnier check out our blog about cat vocabulary here. Chip and Dale suitable for a set of siblings Crème Puff the worlds oldest cat David Hasselpoop.

Captain Furs-ma Purr Cat-eron Meows Kanata. Catman is a pun cat name for the movie Batman.

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