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Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Underrated

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Long before Christopher McQuarrie reinvigorated the Mission. Answer 1 of 88.

I Know The Reaction To The Sequel Trilogy Has Been Divisive I Know Everybody Has Their Own Opinions On These Movies Some Positive Some Negative But I Really Think These Two Characters

But Star Wars fizzled out with the hugely disappointing The Rise of.

Star wars sequel trilogy underrated. HomeExclusive A Comic Universe Theory. By Kieran Graham Credit. No ones denying the fact that the films look good the plot is what is being criticized.

Noteworthy Star Wars is likely the most beloved yet polarising film series of all time. Movies or television shows set years after their original texts that reintroduce beloved fan favorite heroes who then pass the torch to a new generation of characters that can carry the franchise Star Wars or The Karate Kid in these specific cases into the future. Steven Spielberg animated The Adventures of Tintin with.

The Star Wars sequels and Cobra Kai are both legacyquels. You have things backwards. The Sequel Trilogy does have many fights however there is one scene in Star Wars.

Where Was Grogu During The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. Solo has a great cast a strong set of characters absorbing music and new themes savvy tie-ins to Star Wars lore and memorable moments. Exclusive A Comic Universe Theory.

The Naboo Star Fighters royal police and gungan armies are all fantastic designs and even though its a large focus in TPM I think its otherwise pretty underrated. Daniel Lewandowski Follow on Twitter Send an email Phil Weaver Follow on Twitter Send an email September 19 2021. The Adventures Of Tintin 2011.

Well I think the problems didnt really surface till The Last Jedi though were clearly there at the very castings processes of The Force AwakensThe films were very much catered towards a social justice warrior audience. The Rise of Skywalker that I feel is really underrated I woul. 10 Underrated Movies Starring Actors From The Star Wars Sequels 10 Andy Serkis.

This sub is beginning to turn into basically the sequel loving version of rprequelmemes. I will go as far to say that this is the most underrated Star Wars blockbuster that has been played in movie theatres. As much as some fans may have been off put by the prequels it didnt stop them from.

Kennedy herself is very much into these type of issues an. The original series is nothing short of iconic and simply groundbreaking whilst the prequels with all of their shortcomings remain loyal and in the long run beneficial to the Star Wars canon. However it didnt turn out that way and while I will argue that the Star Wars prequels are worse than Peter Jacksons The Hobbit trilogy Ill say that the shortcomings of both series come.

The aesthetics of the films is actually one of my highest praises of the new movies. Where Was Grogu During The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. Its just I like many people on this post found the plot to be sub par for the most part.

The Way Of The Gun 2000. 9 Benicio Del Toro. The screenplay written by Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi and Force.

Ad Browse Discover Thousands of Entertainment Book Titles for Less. I used to think this sub was pretty welcoming to all ideas for Star Wars but this is a very neutral just giving an opinion comment and it gets downvoted for ranking RotS higher than the ST. Original Trilogy- Ord Mantell Well you didnt exactly leave us with much to use from the orginal trilogy and Id say Endor and arguably Bespin are just as hyped as the rest of.

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