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Star Wars What If Yoda Had Killed Palpatine

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Uses his rage and full form to beat and kill Palpatine. HttpsbitlyTheStupendousWaveMerchFor all sponsorship and business inquiries please contact.

Baby Yoda Could Definitely Take Darth Sidious In A Fight Dark Side Star Wars Star Wars Artwork Star Wars Characters

10 Moments Which Showed That Emperor Palpatine Had A Heart A lot of Star Wars fans know that it is indeed Sheev Palpatine who should be feared as the most powerful man in the galaxy.

Star wars what if yoda had killed palpatine. Hope youre all doing well todaynight. Palpatine then tries to possess Luke but is destroyed and banished by Yoda. What if Palpatine killed Yoda during their duel in episode 3 Revenge of the Sith.

Palpatine at the time was beloved peaceful man. It would depend entirely on Anakins reaction to Palpatines death and whether he stayed in the chamber like Windu instructed. He sensed the pilot was strong with the force.

YODAS NEW MASTER. If Yoda killed Palpatine during his duel in the senate here is what would happen. By the time Anakin had turned the Dark Side was as powerful as it had been for ages.

Hed say Im gonna be like Yoda Dad. What if Yoda Defeated Palpatine Darth Sidious in Revenge of the Sith. MY STAR WARS FORUM POSTS FROM 2005 CRINGE – MY REACTIONS TO MYSELF IN 2005 – SWT IRL.

And Mas Amedda Palpatines second in command is fully in on the plans. From Mathhew Stovers Revenge of the Sith novelization. It led to a brawl as Yoda kept jumping around trying to slice Sidious up as the would-be Emperor unleashed bolts of energy to disarm him.

Tuesday 28 September 2021. The Sith Master is gone only the apprentice remains. Sadly in the fracas the Jedi Master fell to.

How would the story play out. He and Mace Windu had figured out the politicians true intentions and after Palpatine killed Mac. Jedi lose all respect they had left and are forced into exile.

What if Darth Plagueis killed Emperor Palpat. What effect would this have on the Canon and timeline of the Star Wars Universe. What if Anakin had killed Palpatine in Star Wars.

As Palpatine grew in power sewing chaos and Jedi died the shift happened exponentially. Most of the other answers arent taking into account that Anakin believed Palpatine to be the only. Subsequently Yoda confronted the boss in the Senate Building.

Boba reported back that the pilots name was Skywalker. After wounds had been healed the council comes to a decision unanimous except for some initial opposition by Ki-Adi-Mundi based on. Not only that but Order 66 was given immediately after Anakins turn before Yoda arrived to.

Yoda would still escape with Senator Organa – it appears he was meant to be the getaway driver even if Yoda won – as. I think Yoda convinces Anakin hes wrong and is the Palpatine thats evil and they go back to stop him – take your scenario of Obi-Wan going to Palpatine and I think you would have had a hell of a fight but Palpatine kills Obi-Wan Anakin sees this. By David Harris Razor 6 years ago Follow House_Razor.

Worst case scenario Yodas dead along with every other Jedi and Order 66 and the Empire proceeds unencumbered by. The Sith Apprentice lives the Jedi Master is no more. Even if Yoda or Windu beforehand could.

Palpatine knew that he didnt kill Yoda from knowing and seeing what had happened. WHAT WAS VADER THINKING AS HE DESTROYED HIS MASTER. After instense struggle the Jedi kill the Sith and Dark Troopers with Maul being beheaded and Palpatine killed by Yoda I think.

Palpatine would be succeeded by someone else – my guess would be the blue guy with the. Did Vader know Palpatine killed Padme. VADER AS HE KILLED PALPATINE.

I am not a coinesseur of Star Wars outside movies 1 to 6 and Clone Wars animations that aired on Cartoon Network so take my answer with one or two grains of salt. Yoda would have made a martyr and the Jedi would never return. In legends Vader tells Boba Fett to find out the name of the rebel pilot who fired the shot that destroyed the Death Star.

Httpsbitly3baWVZv For all sponsorship and business inquiries please contact. Answer 1 of 12. Palpatine also probably has contingency plans in place to facilitate these things sort of like he had operation cinder.

Palpatine had won before the Jedi had even attempted to go at him directly by getting himself into a position of power legally as a beloved public figure. Heres a big video that I think is pretty cool to explore. He would have killed Palpatine and accomplished nothing.

Order 66 might have been executed if he were to die making it that much easier for dooku to take over or win. Listen as I read my very young forum posts on my first Star Wars. No I know that the jedi arent supposed to kill and unarmed person but under the circumstances that he was in during the revenge of the sith he could have killed him and thats only if he knew he had.

NEW STAR WARS MERCH PAGE. Revenge of the Sith. The base of the Arena was a hundred meters below littered with twisted scraps and jags of metal from the pods destroyed in the battle and as the little green freak.

What If What would have happened if Mace would have killed palpatine. What would happen to Anakin Obi-Wan Kenobi. NEW STAR WARS MERCH PAGE.

After all his political influence coupled with his incredible charm all make him a fascinating package.

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