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Top Star Wars Female Characters

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Top 10 hottest female Star Wars characters in my opinionLet me know if you disagreeIf you liked the video pls give me a thumbs upIf not let me know whySugg. She executes captive clone troopers snipes security with long-distance head shots and kills former partners face-to-face.

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Her actions allowed the Rebel Alliance to exploit the Death Stars weakness.

Top star wars female characters. Though we dont yet know much about Reys past and maybe we never will its clear shes a survivor. Asajj Ventress was introduced in the animated series The Clone Wars as a. Since Star Wars.

14 Oola Met A Tragic Fate. A Star Wars Story explored the. This alluring Twilek had green skin.

Though comparatively lesser in number female Sith Lords with strong combat powers have struck down many Jedis. The Force Awakens which takes. In the Star Wars series the Sith legacy has its own share of female power.

Rey played by actress Daisy Ridley in the upcoming The Rise of Skywalker film. Amilyn Holdos Star Wars tenure was short-lived yesbut Space Laura Dern is good enough to polevault the purple-haired Rebel officer halfway up this list. Hers is also arguably one of the most controversial with fans either loving or hating her characterRegardless of how you feel about her character youve got to admit that she is extremely powerful especially despite her relatively untrained status.

If you think of women in the Star Wars universewhether canon or in the old EULegends storylinesPrincessGeneral. One might argue. While Go big or go chrome is not an actual thing people say it certainly applies to the first major female Star Wars villain played by 63 Gwendoline Christie in The.

She was a female bounty hunter who in 1 BBY lived with Boba Fett on Nar Shaddaa and wore a customized armored-suit composed of pieces from both Mandalorian and Clone trooper armor. In honor of The Last Jedi and new characters like Holdo and Rose we count down the 10 best female Star Wars characters from across series canon. Top 10 Kick Ass Star Wars Franchise Female CharactersSubscribe.

From Kylo Ren to Boba Fett Mos Eisely scum to the most dangerous Jedi ever our ranking of the 50 best Star Wars characters ever. The Top 10 Sexiest Women of Star Wars Brianna The Last Handmaiden Mira Mara Jade Skywalker Bastila Shan Juno Eclipse Shaak Ti Aayla Secura Oola Princess Leia Organa Darth Talon. Episode VII The Force Awakens was released in 2015 and featured.

The following is a list of famous female Sith Lords in the Star Wars series. The 15 Best Female Characters Ranked 15 Captain Phasma. Perhaps not respectable in terms of her world view Captain Phasma managed to do something that very.

Rey is one of the most recent additions to the Star Wars characters with her first appearance being in Star Wars. Ranking The 15 Most Attractive Female Star Wars Characters 15 Korr Sella Appeared in The Force Awakens. The Force Unleashed II graphic novel Also nicknamed X.

The 25 Best Female Characters Leia. The Clone Wars. Ruthless and cunning Aurra Sing is a sharpshooting bounty hunter with seemingly little conscience.

But now as grown-ups we can look back and realise that Leia token female though she may be is actually the most shaded complex character in the entire Star Wars saga. Sadly Jaina is one of the characters well never get to see unless someone reboots Star Wars in a big way as she was the only daughter of Han and Leia Solo the twin of Jacen. Aurra Sing Star Wars.

Due to Ezras leadership and actions Lothal was liberated from Imperial rule. 9 Padme Amidala Was A Powerful Queen And Skilled Rebellion Fighter. Her determination and bravery led to her becoming one of the most important figures of the war.

The first Star Wars spin-off had more new characters than you could shake Chirrut Îmwes stick at. To prove it weve made a list of the 50 best female characters from the movies tv shows comics and books. But poking his head above the crowd standing at 71 quite literally was Alan Tudyks.

Lucasfilm The Star Wars universe is not just for boys. A character in Star Wars. Appearing in the Aftermath trilogy Norra Wexley.

The Clone Wars we see the depths that Sing is ready to go to for profit. Famous Female Sith Lords from Star Wars. Sing also is a mentor to the orphaned.

While she didnt have any Force abilities of. 10 Strongest Female Characters Of The Franchise Ranked 10 Jyn Erso Sacrificed Herself To Help The Rebellion Stop The Death Star. 15 Best Female Star Wars Characters Rey.

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